Thursday, July 18, 2013


I AM volunteering ... I have not been posting frequently lately because I have volunteered to serve our country in another way. (I will tell you more about this later.)

Yes, I am taking out my leave time and instead of relaxing or going back home for holidays, I will be helping out in another way.
Volunteering may not be an attractive option for many, who would rather laze around the house instead of using their time, money and resources to serve another cause – and something that may have no real immediate benefit to the volunteer.

However, one thing I have found is that volunteering gets you to rub shoulders with others who may be older and more experienced than you in their field or work.
It was indeed a privilege to learn a bit more from these others.
I always think (and I know you will agree) that getting to know someone who is more experienced, more talented and more skillful than you is like opening another door to another classroom where you can learn more and acquire more skills.

Be ready to go out and volunteer for a good cause.

You will learn – definitely!  

PS: Bon week-end tout le monde!
Reminder: Remembrance Day falls on Tuesday, July 23. It would be nice to go and hear some good speeches and learn something about how men and women defended the country in times of danger.

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