Thursday, August 1, 2013


HOW many of you are self-conscious? How many of you are self-confident?
This topic has been on my mind for years now … and a book has to be written by a Papua New Guinean/Pacific Islander to help other islanders.
But for now, let me just say that we are all self-conscious (or shy or feel insecure) about certain things in life – to a certain extent. Many western writers mention this.

I am quite self-conscious too – but not as when I was a teenager. That “thing” trapped me and stalled my progress in life in many ways.
I have overcome it in many ways but I know that it is also a problem with many people.
How do I know this?

If you were in your classroom or workplace and someone new walked in and looked lost, would you approach him or her – regardless of whether she or he is of the same race as you, ugly or beautiful, etc?
Many people would not comfortably approach such a person unless that person asked for help. I have seen it in many schools and offices – and that is not good.

How does one overcome self-conscious? That has been the subject of many books by westerners. But we need one in PNG – that is my view.
I will continue with this topic a bit later … possibly next week.

When I post about “coming out of your comfort zones” or “being bold”, I am trying to help you come out of your self-consciousness also.
I will continue later.

Hey, be bold and come out of the state of being self-conscious. Reach out and help others.


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