Sunday, August 4, 2013


SOME years ago, I met a young man from the Highlands.
He was a course mate, a good friend (and still is), a rugby star and we played together on the same soccer team on campus.
In fact, he asked me to coach his team, made up of boys from his area.
 We had an eventful year, but I will leave the progress of our season for another time.

What I am trying to share is what he once said to me in a funny way: “My brother, I am not like you. I run fast but think slow.”
I think I understood what he was saying.

He was often quite slow in expressing himself clearly and quickly.
But he sure could run fast – he was a sprinter.
If he was serious about increasing his mental tempo, I would have suggested that he read more.

I have found no other way better … there may be others, but personally I have found reading does help someone think fast.
Now, watch this. You know, you can RUN FAST and THINK FAST at the same time.

Yes, keep running to keep yourself physically fit but do not neglect to read, feed your mind and continue to think fast … 

In some fields, thinking fast saves time and lives!

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