Wednesday, August 7, 2013


HAVE I told you all that I am overweight?
At the start of the year, I urged everybody to come up with goals – academic, career or health goals.

One of my goals was to slim down. And I have come up with my own programme – just a few weeks ago.
(I did not mean to share it … but now that I am letting you all know, I have to keep at it until I have slimmed down.)

When I finish work at midnight, I go home, read a bit, eat and before taking my shower I do some exercises. Exercises past midnight? Yes, it is true.

Often I go to sleep and feel very tired after those exercises. And it seems there is no real visible progress as yet.
But I know that at the back of my mind, all good things take time. (Rome was not built in a day?)
In my case, almost five years of neglect and no real exercise had caused me to swell.
And I cannot expect a four-week effort to change much, right?

So, tonight I will go back to more exercise before shower and rest … and will continue the next night and the next night, ergo.

PS. The exercises are helping me move a bit faster on my feet. That much I can see. And I feel better too.

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