Thursday, August 15, 2013


FOLLOWING on yesterday’s post about the young PNG hurdler, I am reminded (and I would that you too) that someone who is an average player in a game can become a master in years to come.

The average guy who plays a sport, if s/he puts in the effort and see how better players are doing, and works to adopt the winning attitude and approach that champions have, in time s/he could also become a champion – a master.
That is possible in sports, music, art, writing, in fact, anything.

The possibilities of going from an average performance to one that is too good to be true require hard work, sacrifice and even changing one’s mentality.

As a person, strive to come out of being just an average performer.
Try to work towards mastering your art, writing, musical instrument, sport or a subject.

May you all have a nice weekend.
Enjoy the weekend in the safest and best way.

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