Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I AM just reminding you that the mind is a power thing.
Learn to use it well.

The word “mind” in the New Testament does not refer to the brain but the “inner you”, often thought to be one with the soul.
I often think of it as the “you” without the “skin”.
It is the “you” when you were small and will be the “you” when you are 60. It is your thoughts, your desires, your will, etc.

When you wish for something … and I mean really wish for it, and are careful to walk in the right way, the wish will draw closer to you.
That kind of wish is like the “unuttered prayer”.

Now watch this: If you wish for something and walk the right way and do the right things, some of what were almost mere wishes and dreams are going to become a reality.

No, you do not learn such lessons in any school – but in the school of life.
Keep walking in the right way and wishing for the best in life. Cheers.

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