Tuesday, June 11, 2013


(Written for April 10)
I FELT that there is a need to continue a bit more where I left off last week.
What I am offering here does not come from a textbook but from reflecting upon my own experiences, that of others and observing students whom I taught.
Be sure, when you are in school, to join groups that will teach you skills and knowledge that will take you far, not just give you thrills for the moment.

Some of the extracurricular activities include sports, debating clubs, music clubs and Christian fellowship groups.
Sports help you mix with others and learn team work, something that will prove valuable in years to come. But be careful that sports activities do not drag you into other activities like drinking alcohol (which can mess up a lot of things in life).
If you learn music in school, outside of it, get involved in playing with others, or composing your own pieces on the guitar.
Good music helps relaxes people and cultivating an interest in it could be fulfilling.

Now, I come again to Christian fellowship groups. These groups are important, if run properly.
They will teach you moral principles – something that is needed now more than ever. Knowledge of what is morally right or wrong and abiding by those principles prevents you from participating in activities that may ruin your life.
Good fellowship groups encourage individuals to talk and share about their lives. A good group provides a good environment to help people grow spiritually.
Many people have problems talking or sharing about their feelings, problems or experiences.
Good fellowships provide such an environment.

For various reasons, many homes do not provide an environment where young people can express themselves openly, with the assurance that help would be provided if there is a problem.

Another thing good Christian fellowships give is the “guts” or voice to speak of one’s position on issues without the fear of offending others.
It is what I always try to remind young people to develop, having the right and will to say “No” - and standing with your decision regardless of what others think.
This may sound silly but it is very important. To protect your future, at times you have to say “No” to your peers (or others) who may want you to join them in bad activities.

Most young people (and older people too) find it hard to say “No” because they are not sure about their moral position.
Good Christian groups would help you see where you are and where you should go.    

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