Sunday, June 23, 2013


I HAD a good talk with one of our young IT officers last Friday.
BA, her name, was at one time sitting in one of my classes, a few years back in a school in Port Moresby.
A nice and very respectable lady, BA comes from a family where both her parents are full-time church leaders (in their protestant congregation).
I asked her about her family and how she was doing and she told me about how they were doing.  
“This is my first job. And I have been here for a few months now,” she told me in the afternoon when there was less to do.

“Put your mind into your work and do your best. Clock on early and clock off on time. Show enthusiasm in what you do,” I said, while she listened attentively just like she would when she was in school.
“And try not to complain too much like many young people today. After only a few months, they talk like they are bored or have been on the job for years while the ones who have been working for decades keep quiet and continue with their effort.”

As with BA, and all those who have started work lately (or would be in weeks, months or years to come), learn to do your work with your heart – meaning, put your mind into your work.
To master skills in a job, try not to complain too much and just do your work with enthusiasm.
(Of course, if your life is threatened, you should complain!)

I wish you all the best.
Happy learning, happy living and achieve more in your life.

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