Tuesday, June 11, 2013


CONSIDER the Bible verse shared in the last post. Plan your life to “give more to others” – and others does not mean people you know, and who can give back to you.

Many in this world plan to accumulate material things and be known as the “big man” or “big woman”, or to be famous.
There is nothing wrong in being rich or being famous – but they are not the ends to a good life. (Remember King Solomon’s wish as told in the Bible? He did not choose, fame, power or honour.)

Giving is a way that we show that we appreciate life – the people, the opportunities and life itself. (Yes, all those are privileges!)  
In life, plan to give more (resources, materials, knowledge and time) to others.
When you plan life like that, more opportunities would open up for you. (This is not something that is not taught in school. But wise people will teach you that.)

When you are leaving this life, it would be a nice feeling to know that you have given more to people.

A question for you: When God asked Solomon to choose something that He would give, what did King Solomon choose? (See 1 Kings 3.5-14.)

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