Thursday, June 13, 2013


THIS was told me by another nephew over the weekend. (No, this one is from the New Guinea region. The one who talked about chocolates is from the Southern region.)

This particular nephew (KW) attends one of the primary schools in Port Moresby and was in the team representing his school in the Telikom Think Tank Quiz (which can be viewed on Kundu 2 TV).

KW was not in the original team, but came on as a substitute when someone fell ill before quiz time.
KW participated in the quiz and happened to be the winner in his group, where he was challenging students from other schools.
The sponsors gave him K300 as a prize (and promised him other stuff).
KW gave K200 to his teacher to have that shared among the other team mates from his school.
I am very proud of him.

I was thinking while listening to him. Here is a boy who is already using his brains in the right way.
Do learn to use your brains and everything you have to be productive.


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