Monday, May 26, 2014


WE are almost through the middle of 2014 so, I am reminding you to re-evaluate yourself and your goals.

For students studying, it is important that you check if you are on track … getting those good marks you planned to at the start of the year.
If you have not, it is time to make the right turn – meaning make some changes. (You may be taking life for granted.)

For some of you, that is vital because you will be sitting for exams at the end of the year.
And you cannot continue to be ignorant and hope for “heaven” to help you on the day before the exams.
That is a bad way of living.
Remember also that they say something like “luck/chance often favours prepared people”.
One way of preparing yourself every week is to review the kind of marks you are getting in your tests and assignments.
Are they above 70%, 80% or 90%?
If they are not – ask why.

When you find the answers, start making some changes – and make them fast.
Remember your life is your life – if you do good, you will eat the fruits thereof; and if you mess it up, you will be the one who will walk around with the mess. (You can’t blame someone else for your mess.)
So, evaluate and aim to do better in the next six months.

For those of us who are working, we should ask ourselves how we are progressing and make the appropriate turns also.
I made some writing/learning goals at the start of the year and am plodding on slowly – but I know I will get there.
One of my aims is to learn to write code (writing computer programmes).
With a number of other responsibilities that I have, I am plodding on slowly on that.
But with the help from free lessons offered over the internet, I know I will learn a fair bit because that goal is still before me.

I end with this: Do not be distracted and always “keep the main thing the main thing”.

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