Thursday, May 8, 2014


I TOOK a few hours after lunch today (my off day) to take some pictures of the main arena where the 5TH MELANESIAN FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND CULTURE will be staged.
The spot is (along the Independence Drive) opposite the PNG Museum and Art Gallery at the northern end and the National Parliament at the southern end.
Here are the pics.   

Photo: Signboard from inside the main arena.

Photo: Traditional houses under construction.

In the distance (in the pic above) are the grassy hills of Hohola and Tokarara. Port Moresby has a lot of such hills grassy hills – but when it is dry season, the place can be very hot.
There are no rivers within Port Moresby.
But if you drive out to the Bomana and Sogeri area, there is Laloki River and if you drive along the Hiritano Highway towards Bereina and Gulf province (to the northwest) you will cross Brown River and many other rivers and streams.
Similarly, if you go along Magi Highway towards Rigo, you will pass some rivers.
If you go past Rigo district’s capital of Kwikila, and towards Abau (to the east), you will cross over of the biggest rivers in Central – Kemp Welch River – at Saroa Keina Village.
There are many villagers situated along the banks of the Kemp Welch all way from the inland Rigo area to the coast.
Goulubu is such a village in the inland area while Kalo is near the coast. 

 Photo: Another signboard from inside the main arena.

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