Thursday, May 29, 2014


I WISH you all the best for the weekend.
Students, use the days properly to catch up on work as well as study/review what you did in the past weeks.
For others, make sure you use the time wisely too.

I will be polishing up a 15-page piece I wrote in French for a competition/project in Wallis and Futuna, the French territory in Polynesia. (It was quite an exercise for me.)
Late last year a youth officer in Wallis sent the competition/project details this way and since my French tutor knew that I had just returned from Wallis, he asked me if I was interested in participating.
I said I would and I had written something.
It was quite a challenge … to do the translation of what I “thought in English” but needed to “write it in French”. (I consulted the dictionary and other resources often to come up with the lines and dialogues for that piece.)
Even then, that will be edited.

Today my tutor emailed asking if I was still interested in submitting something for the competition.
And so, this weekend, among other things, I will have to polish up and possibly add a bit more to what I wrote last year.
I will keep all of you informed on how that goes. 

Bon week-end.  

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