Thursday, May 8, 2014


IF you do visit PNG, take the time to visit the PNG National Museum and Art Gallery.
As said in the last post, the Museum is along the Independence Drive and opposite the main arena for the Melanesian Festival of Arts and Culture.
I am showing you two pics of the entrance to the place.

Tip: It is best that you take a cab from wherever you are to get to the Museum. It is quite a distance from the nearest bus stop.
(If you reside at a hotel, request a hotel vehicle to drop you off and pick you up.)
You can contact the Museum and get information on opening times and other details before actually going.
The Museum’s contact details are on its signboard, as shown in the pic below.
(The Director of the Museum is Dr Andrew Moutu.)

Photo: The signboard of the PNG Museum with its contact details.
Photo: The entrance to the PNG National Museum and Art Gallery, from the entrance to the main arena where the 5TH MELANESIAN FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND CULTURE will be staged.

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