Wednesday, May 7, 2014


HERE is another answer I gave to a question asked today.

My daughter is attending a high school that specializes in mathematics and science.  She is an excellent student in these subjects and she also enjoys writing and journalism.  What path would give her the best opportunities for making a positive and long lasting impact on humanity?

Encourage her to complete her Science studies while doing electives in writing (creative writing, media studies and even languages).
She may work towards getting a BSc degree in her best Science subject - while taking up electives in writing and languages (learning French, Spanish or Chinese).
After completing her BSc, she can do a postgraduate diploma or certificate in journalism.
I know she will easily find a job as a reporter or Science writer for a journal/magazine.
I am of the opinion that even with a BSc degree and her taking a few electives in writing/journalism/media studies/languages, she should be able to get a job without problems.
(If she wants to continue on to get an MA or PhD, that is up to her.)

She has to work hard on polishing her writing skills.
As I see it, those who write well learn the basics in that skill while they were at the primary school level. (The earlier, the better.)

There are articles and tasks in the news room (or reporting activities) that a Science graduate will do a better job explaining to the masses.
A while ago, a journalist colleague of mine discussed with me and another pal the concept of tsunamis.
As a Science graduate, I understood the Science of seismology and plate tectonics (the field under which tsunamis fall) better than him and saw his difficulty trying to get the technical aspects explained correctly. 
In short, encourage your daughter to continue with her Science studies but take up electives in writing/journalism/media studies/languages.     

PS. I am a Science graduate but I work for a paper.

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