Wednesday, November 6, 2013


(Parts from “Steven’s Window”, Dr Steven Winduo’s column of Nov 1 in “The National”.) …
Drusilla Modjeska, author of “The Mountain”, a novel set in PNG and Prof Terry-ann White, FAHA director, University of Western Australia Publishing, visited Port Moresby in September for discussions on what the possibilities are for publishing writings from PNG. 

Part of Dr White’s Oct 24 invitation letter reads:
Dear Writer
I would like to invite you to submit a piece of writing for consideration to be included in an anthology to be published in 2014 by UWA Publishing …
It is important that this anthology has PNG editors, particularly as it will be published in Australia, and I have asked Russell Soaba, Tanya Nugent and Steven Winduo to be the editors: people with a keen sense of an historical past as well as a close connection with contemporary culture.
In the first place, then, I invite you to make contact with your interest in submitting a piece of writing by emailing me at
We will be interested in receiving fiction from fragment-length to 1500 words length, and non-fiction up to 2000 words.
Authors selected for publication will be paid a fee.
Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2014.

Dr Winduo says: Russell Soaba and I have given our commitment to the project. We would like to encourage Papua New Guineans to submit interesting literary pieces to us or through Prof White via email for consideration.
Dr Winduo’s email address is or
(Dr Winduo and Mr Soaba are published authors and are English/Literature lecturers at the University of PNG.)

Now it is over to you, reader and writer.

NOTE TO OUR MEMBERS FROM THE PACIFIC: This invite is for PNG citizens only. (Sorry.)

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