Sunday, November 17, 2013


ANOTHER week starts tomorrow for many of you – for some of us, it has already begun.
Plan your tasks well ahead so you achieve much – in your work, as well as, in your private projects.
I will certainly be busy.
Ah, sometimes we dream of those days when we will be free from the burden of work, work, work ...

Last week, as I was coming to the office, I noticed my supervisor (who is on leave) walking by the footpath with her four-year-old daughter and the babysitter.
She told me she was enjoying her holidays – just being in the house and relaxing.
“And do some exercise as well,” I suggested.
“That’s what I am doing, walking with my folks,” she said.
(We are all in the unofficial group called the “slightly overweight”.)

When you do go on leave, do something different – as I told another older colleague with the national sports body – go swimming, fishing or hunting.
For some of us who sit in front of a computer for eight-plus hours each day, it is good not to handle a computer (or Smartphone) while on vacation.

Vacation is a time for relaxation and recuperation. Your body deserves that.

I hope you all have a nice and productive week. Stay fit – in all aspects.

Bonne chance (best wishes)!

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