Wednesday, November 13, 2013


QUESTION IN QUORA (social network): How do I stop caring what others say?
My answer: When you stop caring what people say about you (as when you are taking on an altogether extraordinary challenge and not getting the right words from friends and relatives), then you know you are growing.
Yes, it is a thing to do with reaching maturity.

Many people seek the approval of others on every little thing that they fail to "live their own lives".
For example, if you want to learn a trade that no-one else in your family has learned, their disapproval of your plan can hinder you from doing what you want to do.
That goes with starting a line of business unknown to most around you.
All of what I am saying does not mean you should be foolish to ignore good advice (when good advice is given).
But note that when we are sure about what we want to do, we should be brave enough to take those bold steps - including, not caring about what others say.

Not caring about what people say can also apply to cases where "false rumours" about what you have done are passed around the neigbourhood.
If you care too much, those rumours can cripple you, bring unnecessary fear into your life - stopping you from doing what you must do.
This is a real burden in the lives of those who are naturally self-conscious.

Faith in God helps you grow in this area.
With God, faith teaches you that "His approval on your endeavours is better than having a million approvals from those around you".
When I was coming out of my teens (I was extremely self-conscious then), I read about a famous English preacher who had these lines pinned up in church. It goes something like this:

You heard what they said?
What did they say?
They said ...
Let them say!

FINAL POINT: Doing something right does not mean you will get the approval of all your friends and relatives.

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