Thursday, November 7, 2013


I POSTED yesterday that there is an opportunity open (to Papua New Guineans) to publish some of your writing, from an invitation made by Dr Terry-ann White from the University of Western Australia.
But then, you know, that is not the only opportunity – there are others that will pop up in months or years ahead.
However, if you do not write, and write consistently, you will miss some of those opportunities.

I believe, in years to come, many of our Pacific Islands writers (indigenous) will have their work published (or used) abroad and in the western world – in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe.
Such works will not be just poetry and short stories – but full length novels, TV scripts and screenplays.
Will we be ready if there is a need when Hollywood comes knocking on our doors for a Pacific-style thriller, comedy or musical?
We have to think and prepare.
Those are opportunities that will visit our shores in the future – I am sure.

How do we prepare ourselves?
Simple. Write. And write more and more …


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