Thursday, November 7, 2013


IT is nice talking about writing.
But it is quite challenging to actually write.
Writing, like other creative ventures (as creating music, pottery, carvings, paintings and computer software), will demand that you must have time “alone” to think and shape your plots and characters without being disturbed.
(You can team up with others – but first find time “alone” to work “alone”.)
Often, you will not find the encouragement that you always have in other ventures – as in your education and sports.
But then, writing can bring you much, if you remain focused and committed to your goals.
I am writing this to encourage some of you who have the desire to write but are still plodding on very slowly – or, even those who still have their first foot in the air, still waiting to make the first step.
I challenge you to put that foot forward and take another … and another … and another.
Be bold.
Be courageous.
Be alone.
Be a writer.
Start writing.
Write when you are cheered on.
Write when you are not cheered on.
Write when you are filled with happiness – or loaded with sadness.
Just write.    

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