Sunday, November 3, 2013


I WAS watching a NZ movie yesterday and was once again reminded that our culture can be a good source to utilize to draw a plot for a book.
I have said it before and am saying it again: Good plots in a book can easily be adapted as screenplay for a feature film (movie).
PNG has many different cultures and practices that have yet to be documented.

This demands people who can read and write – and who have the desire to capture the uniqueness in their culture – to research and record details.
It would a good challenge to pen a story that could thrill others (the world over) as well as showcasing our unique philosophies, values and survival skills.
Often I see movies where westerners struggle to survive in the tropical jungles or in the ocean and think of how our people have survival skills that are far superior and yet unknown – skills that have kept them alive for hundreds or thousands of years.
(I just watched “The Hunger Games” and thought the main characters did not possess a lot of real survival skills. That is my opinion.)

Can we write about our people’s?
Can we use those to write plots for our books – which can in future be turned into a screenplay for a feature movie?
I hope that gets some of you to pen things/practices that make our people unique.

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