Wednesday, March 5, 2014


IT is with great interest that I saw one of our Facebook friends posting a need for a French interpreter for an important regional meeting scheduled for next month in Kokopo.
The person who gets the job will be an important man/woman for the three-day conference.
The post once again reminds us of the importance of learning to get the basics of the learning the other Western language that is important in the Pacific.

I think you all are aware that I have always been saying that the person who is serious about helping with issues that are affecting our Pacific people (Indigenous or naturalized citizens of this great region in the 22 states/territories) should learn French. (That goes for all those who are English speakers in the Pacific.)

In July we will have others coming for the Melanesian Festival of Arts and Culture.
The Kanaks will be there but you will miss the chance to get to know them if you do not speak French.
(However, it is possible that a few who have Vanuatuan blood may be able to speak Pidgin/Bislama.)  

NB: If you know anybody (in PNG) who has the skills to interpret for both English and French speakers, please contact Solomon at Merci.

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