Sunday, March 23, 2014


I WAS a bit stretched last week, attending two « outside » meetings and a function squeezed in between my working hours.
Hopefully, I should get some other stuff completed this week – things in line with my own list of personal goals.
Anyway may you all have a wonderful, productive week and here is the poem for the week. 

A REMINDER (March 23)

Last week He reminded me

About what I ought to be

There is this way of thinking

Of doing things and feeling

Which is not illegal, bad

But it is wrong and quite sad

When you saw a way better

And realized that later - 

You knew then it’s not the best

Although it’s praised in a fest

‘Twas from a movie, a film

A young man who had a dream

Things changed and so his notions -

Stop going thru the motions

As did many in the group

The man knew he had to stoop

By stooping he went further -

To fly to levels higher

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