Thursday, March 6, 2014


A FEW things mark this week for me. I have been listening to some French songs and decided to pen the poem for the week in French. (I will try one in Motu in the future. Motu is possibly the third most spoken language in PNG.)
The poem is short … and may be lengthened, as well as edited, later on. (I will need help from experts.)
I have provided a translation in English.
The piece should remind us of those who came into our lives to help us in many ways. They are those who do not come once, twice or ten times – but will be there always.

PAS DIX FOIS (March 6)
Ce n’était pas dix fois
Que tu as venu -
À leur, à nous, à moi
Une lumière dans l'obscurité
À nous aides, c’était toi


Pour beaucoup de jours
Nous t’avons oublié
Nous ne t’avons pas parlé
Mais tu nous souviens
N’est pas souvent, ou dix fois, mais toujours

It was not ten times
That you came -
To them, to us, to me
A light in the dark
To help us, it was you


For many days
We forgot you
We did not speak to you
But you remembered us
Not often, or ten times, but always


- For Pacific Indigenous Writers

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