Thursday, March 20, 2014


ANOTHER weekend is coming up.
I enjoyed the one hour-plus tonight celebrating the “le semaine de la langue française et de la Francophonie” (the week of the French language and French-speaking people) here in Port Moresby.
(I drank soda water.)
I spoke with a few people telling them of my experiences of learning French and the opportunities that came my way.
I hope the best for you this weekend.

Take care – and keep your thinking caps on at all times (there are a lot of crazy people out there). And use the time to learn something worthwhile.

Last week, while I was watching a good movie, I was reminded about something in the life of the young main character – a teenager.
I was reminded to change my way of thinking.
That way of thinking is okay – it accepted by almost everyone (it is not illegal), but the movie reminded me to change that.
No, it was not a direct command – but it made me think and look at myself again.
(The good lessons in life are often those that make us think and make good changes – without a direct command.)

Okay, I will stop here.
Please stay safe and stay healthy.
Bon week-end à tous! (Good weekend to all!)

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