Sunday, March 2, 2014


INTERESTING start to a week. Over the weekend, I made mention to a pal that I am interested in learning German apart from the other European language I have been working on for the last couple of years.

Tonight, I got an invite from a polyglot from another network – a native German - to follow her posts on Germany.
I accepted because it is interesting to note how that linguist learns ... and the many interesting things she shares about her country
Vell, it looks like I have to start working on the language now.
Oh, “ja, das ist gut” is German for “yes, it is good”.

Some of us have a good reason to learn German because the northern part of the country where we originally hailed from (and other northwestern part of the Pacific) was once under German rule – that was before WWII.
Nauru was also under German rule like the north part of New Guinea.  

“Danke” which has become part of the languages of Morobe (and elsewhere) is German for “thank you”.
A tutor once told us that German is much more related to English than the other European languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, etc) which originated from the old Roman language.

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