Thursday, March 20, 2014


LAST fortnight I bought a guitar at a Chinese shop for K99 (US$42) – as shown in the picture.
That is cheap.

 Photo: The cheap guitar will be of great help to me. 

I aimed to buy the classical acoustic type from CHM, Tabari place, but when I walked in, a staff there told me that there weren’t any.
A few weeks back I saw many on the supports all over a guitar and amplifier section of the shop.
I thought to myself that with the start of the new school year, schools might have bought all the acoustic guitars on display.
So I walked some metres from CHM and saw this very simple guitar and decided to take it.
The reason was because I was working on some pieces and needed a guitar urgently.

Notice that this guitar is cheap but it has already helped me sort out some of things that I am working on – I mean music and songs. (Yes, that is one of my interest areas too.)

I reminded myself that even though the guitar is cheap, if I use it properly, I can get more value out of it – in terms of me practising as well providing the guitar sounds that I have missed for the last few months since I moved away from my step-mother and the rest of the family members.
(We had two guitars in that house – but they belonged to my brothers who are quite good on the instrument too.)

Late last year, in another social network, a cellist in America described a famous pianist who composed many songs but he did that using less than five chords.
I thought that was interesting.
The point here is: “Create stuff with whatever you have. You never know, some of the stuff you create may reward you (and others) big time.”

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