Sunday, March 16, 2014


ANOTHER week is in front of us.
Some will kick off eagerly while others will do so with some good amount of apprehension.
We got news that a young university student was stabbed to death in Madang.
It is sad news for his parents, relatives, friends and peers.

As I always emphasise towards the end of the week, always “put on your thinking caps at all times – there are a lot of crazy people out there”.
Putting on your thinking cap may mean abstaining from certain unnecessary activities, as well as staying away from people who are “dangerous”, or who attract problems.

I am reminded a lot by little talks that my cousins in the village and I grew up hearing – what I call the “haus boi” expectations.
As I see it, the basic principle is “think like a man and be a man – show it in your actions”.
I think the equivalent of that phrase in Tok Pisin will be better understood by all Papua New Guineans who grew up in a traditional or “quasi traditional” society.

I wish you all the best for this week nonetheless.
My week will be busy with other extra stuff that I have taken on to do – things that have nothing to do with my paid job.
I will end here, bon courage. 

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