Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I SAID some time ago that I was in Wallis and Futuna for three weeks. (Check the other blog “2013 IX Mini Pacific Games (Wallis and Futuna) for more pics.)
The time spent there (on Wallis) was awesome: the place is beautiful and people are friendly.
You get to know the people better, if you can communicate in French – and if you knew the basic words of salutation in Wallisian, it would be even more interesting.

Photo: Looking east, out to sea, from Liku in Wallis, Wallis and Futuna.

One of my best memories is looking out to sea from the Moana-Hou Hotel at Liku, on the eastern side of Wallis mainland.
The azure waters are awesome, looking out to islets inside the barrier reef that encircles Wallis.
I cannot forget the view.
Pictured is the view taken on August 26, just after noon. 
(More pics to be posted later.)

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