Sunday, October 6, 2013


SOME of the best tips in life need not come from lengthy discussions or from thick books.
They come from one liners, a phrase, or a small story.
But if you listen up and take notice, those bits offered can turn you along a path that will take you far … further than those who did not “give their ears”.

It is Privilege Learning Systems’ hope that you can learn one or two lines that will help you look further beyond the horizon and take you that far.
Some of the best advice we get in life can also be summarized in one liners.

I will try to jot some of them down in the next few days.
Hey, this is a brand new week, full of brand new hopes, brand new beginnings.
And I hope you make good use of those.
Do not waste your time in things that will not advance you as an individual.

Mes amis, bon chance (My friends, good luck)!

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