Thursday, October 3, 2013


Some shape things with paint
Some carve men from wood
Some weave bags from palms;
Others make canoes
They are all artists

Some strum or pluck strings
Blow a shell or flute
Beat drums, rattle shells
Or sing to the wind;
They are artists too

As for me, I use ink
To pen words, phrases
Paint the room with poems,
Stories, hopes, fears, tears;
I’m an artist too

I write poems, stories
Long, short descriptions
Of folks, of places
Of good memories
And bad ones also

I write about life -
Mine or of my friends,
Of children in school
The ones in love
Or those who fell too

I envision hopes
Capture history
Motivate the young
Assure the old -
And those gripped in fear

I write of Him too
Who gave us mercy
And abundant grace
And gave us bright hope
Beyond tomorrow

I am a writer
I am an artist
I paint with words
To brighten, to cheer
To remind, to warn

Those who take the time
To read my words - may
Learn a thing or two
To create, paint, grow - and
… Become artists too

Written for Artists in Nauru (Sept 3, 2013)
(Picture: Entries in a book I used as a journal in 2008.)

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