Thursday, October 17, 2013


LISTEN TO THE CHAMPION … In life, learn to listen to those who have achieved a bit more than you.
(If you are wise you will listen to those who may not be better than you, but still have an interest in you, or what you are doing.)

Good athletes listen to their coaches.
Some of their coaches may have performed well in their days – and may even be record holders.
Others may not have set records in their days but have groomed others who have set records for the country.

During the Mini Pacific Games last month, I met our top men’s high jumper, the third-year DWU student David Jessem.
He won the silver in going over the height of 1.96m. The Fijian Ezekiel Waga took the gold with his top leap of 1.98m.
Jessem won the bronze medal in 2011 Pacific Games held in Nouméa. (He is improving?)

Photo: High jump silver medallist David Jessem.

Jessem’s coach is Sandy Katusele.
Katusele and Hapo Maliaki hold PNG’s national record. The two have both jumped over 2.06m.
I asked Jessem if he knew what the national record was. He smiled and said “2.06m”.

I said: “You know that your coach holds the record. If you continue at the same rate, you might beat your coach’s record.”
He smiled.
I know, he has been thinking about that too – while working with the coach.

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