Sunday, October 20, 2013


IN Life, people often thinking about being enriched if they are given more – or when they accumulate more.
That however, is an incomplete notion.
People who give to others (and with some wisdom) are enriched by the very act of giving.
This is seen in the case of good teachers and coaches.

Whenever a teacher does his/her best to give the best to his/her students, s/he is also enriched in the process.
The writer who wants to give the best in what s/he writes for an audience is personally enriched.
The reception of the deed by the students/audience enables the teacher to delve deeper into the subject at hand.
In trying to explain a concept clearly, succinctly and simply (in the classroom or on the printed page), the teacher/writer grows and masters the art of teaching/writing.
It is possible that such skills mastered could increase a professional’s material gain in the future.

However, even if there is no material gain, the skills gained is “richness” enough.
Good leaders or employers will certainly notice the “richness” and reward that accordingly.     

So, do give to others what you know and have mastered. The rewards will come.

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