Wednesday, October 9, 2013


DO you remember me telling you that I was starting on my own programme to take away the unnecessary “flab” that has been on me through negligence over the years?
Well, I have been going for a few months now since July – regrettably, not too consistent – but I could tell that the effects were showing.

Today I pulled on a pair of trousers I had not worn for a number of weeks and realised that it was not sticking on me.
I will continue with my programme until the end of the year and into the next.
I told one of our friends this week that we “have to take care of our physical condition, in addition to the spiritual and intellectual”.
If you are not physically in good shape, you may not achieve your goals – spiritual or education.
Let me also say, everything starts small.
(My step-mother called me “fatty fatty” over the weekend. And she loves me being “fatty fatty”. But she does not know about my plan to slim down.)

In any exercise or dieting programme that you take up, do not expect big changes to occur suddenly.
Everything takes time.
That is the way I am going – because I know that everything takes time.
It is my aim to be lighter and swifter in 2014 than this year.


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