Thursday, October 10, 2013


THIS is just a reminder to everyone … take care of your bodies.
Watch what you are putting in.

Stop taking stuff that will be harmful to your body – that includes caffeine in coffee and coke (not to mention alcohol and buai).
(I have stopped drinking Coke since 2012. I only drink it when friends offer it to me – like, three bottles in a year. It has made a big difference – a nagging cough has left me.)

Be moderate in what you eat – as regards sugary, fatty and protein stuff.
Drink a lot of water too – instead of soft drinks.

Sometimes it is good to go without breakfast or lunch, if you are like me - OVERWEIGHT.

And … have an exercise programme put in place, where you sweat out on a regular basis, possibly every other day.
(I try to do sit-ups and stretches every night – and have been doing it since July.)

Take care of your body and you can continue to live and serve others.
Take care.  

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