Thursday, October 24, 2013


LES CHANTICLEERS … Our sports editor was just tidying up his pages on the Rugby League World Cup items and asked me a question tonight.

Editor: Thomas, what is "Les Chanticleers"?
(He often asks me these kinds of questions when he wants to check things in French.)
Me: I do not know. However, "chante/chanter" in French means "to sing". So I think it has to do with singing.

We are aware that the French national rugby league team is called “The Roosters” and so we thought the phrase might be related to the one in English.
We checked and I learned a new phrase today. “Les Chanticleers”, the phrase, means “The Roosters” in French.

Quiz for you: Which French national team is known as “Les Bleus”? And what does the phrase mean?   

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