Wednesday, October 23, 2013


SOMETHING has been on my mind lately – and that regards having the right mentality towards work.
Always give your best in what you are tasked to do.
Show your employers and those who engage you in different tasks that you can do the job.

Yes, there are times (many, I think) you know that your efforts were not rewarded equitably/rightly … yet learn to give your best nonetheless.
Some people would consider hiring you for much bigger jobs with more benefits if they know that you can handle what is given to you.

Being a volunteer in different organisations is another way of showing possible employers (who may also be volunteers) that money and convenience are not the only motivators to complete given tasks.

There are people with talent and knowledge who are not reliable. And there are those who lack talent and knowledge who are very reliable.

Show people you can be trusted. Be reliable.       

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