Tuesday, January 22, 2013


ARE YOU HERE TO STUDY OR TELL STORIES? … This story was told to me by a relative many years ago. When the relative was attending UPNG, there was a friend of his (I will call him Max), who was a leader and straight-shooter. One night Max passed by the famous forum area and saw many boys from his province telling stories at 8.30pm in the night. Some of the playful ones called out to him: “Bro, come and join us tell some stories. It is a nice night.” Max goes up to them and says: “Did your mothers send you here to tell stories or do your studies?” Max continued on to the library to complete his assignments. A few of those students went to their rooms while some continued telling stories. At the end of the semester when their major paper was due, a few of the boys ran to Max. One even cried, asking for Max to help him complete his paper. He knew if he did not get Max’s help, he would definitely fail his course because the major paper carried a lot of marks. Max helped the worried student. (After spending many years studying and working abroad, today Max heads a public institution.) Point of this tale: Ask yourself when you are given an opportunity to study. “Why am I here?” And do the right thing – do not waste time!     

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