Sunday, January 27, 2013


(First posted in PLS’s Facebook group) … I hope you all have seen Kenneth Iga’s post in PLS earlier). 

Kenneth is providing some important information on another area in life. That area can determine how far you go up the rungs in some careers. In certain careers, it is needful that your physical fitness must be at top-notch level for you to secure top positions – or move up the rungs.

Think about those jobs in the PNG Defence Force, Navy, pilot, police, security companies, etc. To secure a job in some units in those organizations/career fields, you have to raise your physical fitness and ability to maintain mental alertness at all times.

Now, here is another thing that Kenneth mentioned. Those who rise up to the “elite” level are those who spend time to make sure they are in good physical shape. 
People who have brains and who take care of their bodies have that special “edge”. They are always a step or two ahead of others.

The Special Forces units in the army (such as the US Army’s Delta Force, US Army Rangers, or US Navy’s SEAL teams) are “elite” soldiers.
They can do all the things that every soldier does, but MORE. Physically, they are trained to carry more for longer distances and move faster on foot than all the other soldiers.
They can also eat almost nothing for days – that is part of their training.
They are intelligent individuals who make sure their minds are in top form – every time, and they know how to work as a team.
They work hard to minimize unnecessary mistakes and know how to really LISTEN when their commanding officer speaks, or when they are operating behind enemy lines.
The Special Forces soldiers are the “elite”.

To think differently and seriously about taking your “game” to the next level requires discipline – which includes how you take care of your body and mind.
Being lazy and slack does not get you up to the “elite” class level.

I hope that in whatever you (PLS member) do, take on the “elite” way to thinking. That is not to boast to others that you are “elite”, but because you want to improve the level of your game, so to speak.
Improving the level of your thinking improves your performance and takes your organization to the next level.
If you take that mentality into the way you approach your studies, sports or work, you will certainly be steps ahead of others.

Years ago, I heard a teacher/motivation speaker say in one of his videos: “At the elite level, there is no-one to beat, but yourself. Because at that level there is no competition: you only compete with yourself.”

Cheers everyone. Have a nice week. Strive to be the best.

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