Monday, January 28, 2013


RANGERS LEAD THE WAY … I have heard people talk about being leaders. And it often is the case nowadays that the louder and more you talk, the better you are as a leader. 

But then there are those who lead because while others are finding it hard to pass through a path, they just come by, pass the others and “lead the way” without trying to be heroes. 

As you may be aware now, I have a special academic interest in the armed Special Forces units. I count the US Army Rangers a special "elite” group. Of course, they are trained almost the same as the US Army’s Delta Force and Navy’s SEALS, but they can do some things much effectively than the others. You put them behind enemy lines and they can lie low for days and weeks, without the people in the area knowing.

The Rangers' motto is: “Rangers Lead The Way!” If you remember, in “Black Hawk Down”, Staff Sgt Matt Eversmann of the Rangers’ Chalk 4 team had a special word with their commander Maj. Gen. William F. Garrison (played by Sam Shepard) before their mission and he says “Rangers lead the way”, to which Garrison replied: “All the way, son.” 

That line is attributed to Brig-Gen Norman Cota on the Allied invasion of Normandy, France, during WWII. 

The Allied troops could not get on to the beach due to the German guns being strategically placed and Allied soldiers were stuck where they were and hundreds of lives were lost. That was when Cota called out: “Rangers lead the way.” 

The Rangers got off the beach, worked their way in and took out the German guns and the rest of the Allied troops followed on later.

The Rangers are leaders. It is all part of history.

A point we can learn here is: When it comes to desperate times, some people lead by action, and not just being like everybody else.

May you also lead when the time comes. Read more about the US Army Rangers.

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