Thursday, January 31, 2013


One of my colleagues regretted that she could not donate blood today.
And when reading her post, I was reminded of a scene in "Black Hawk Down".

As the Army Rangers were getting ready, preparing their gear, one of the young ones noticed a Delta Force soldier writing his blood-type on a masking tape and taping it to his boots.

“All Delta Force soldiers do that before going into combat,” another said to the young one.

It seemed to me, when I thought about it, when you - as a soldier - are unconscious and bleeding, you save the medico’s time – s/he does not need to check your blood type to give you a transfusion, the words on your tape tells him or her which type you need.

Those precious seconds saved could consequently save a soldier’s life.

Point: Good movies teach you life-saving skills!

(Additional info: Those with O type blood – the universal donor type - can donate to anybody, whereas those with AB – the universal recipient type – can receive any type of blood. I am the universal donor type. Do you know yours?)  

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