Wednesday, January 2, 2013


SOME THINGS ABOUT DREAMS … I personally do not believe in interpreting dreams that we have. But I have benefitted greatly by dreams. Today I had a dream where I saw people, though busy and happy, still lacked something – LIFE. As someone who is creating his own pieces (fiction work), the dream is a storehouse/source of materials. Good dreams remind me of the good I am here – in this world – to do. Bad dreams warn me to be aware of certain people or times. Bad dreams also help me remind myself about being careful about life – and help remind others about theirs too. The Christian today does not depend on dreams to get his/her directions – the Holy Bible is the map and compass to give the Christian direction and the fuel to accomplish what s/he is assigned to do. Nonetheless, God still allows us to see things (about ourselves or others) in dreams. How you use them can benefit you. Now, here is another thing that I observed: Often, many of our dreams are influenced by what we go through in our daily lives. Bad conversation and bad times can give you nightmares. I have noticed that bad movies (too much violence, etc) can also give you nightmares.

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