Wednesday, January 9, 2013


LEARN AND LIVE ITEM FOR JANUARY 9, 2012 ... I FIRST heard this statement made by a secondary school student almost a decade ago.
After seeing it a number of times later, I knew that the boy who said that must have read it or heard it mentioned somewhere.
That quote is attributed to William H Johnsen, an American painter (1901-1970), who was from South Carolina but spent time with his uncle in New York and studied art there.
At the age of 25, he went to Paris and spent time learning and painting.
Later he moved to the south of the country and painted.
The quote means to get a task or job done, a person must take responsibility. Others may make comments and suggestions but at the end it all depends on the person performing the task.
When you look at the year ahead and your list of goals, you must realise that to achieve your goals this year, the most important factor that will determine your success in achieving your goals will be your effort to make things happen.
Your parents and guardians can comment and suggest things but the person who must put in the minute-by-minute effort, day-in and day-out, will be you.
Your teacher can give you all the tips about scoring the top grades in your assessments ,but they will not make it happen.
The studying part, the revision and completing the assignments or projects on time will be your doing.
Many have grown up in homes where everything is given – food, clothes, shelter and love. But then they have not taken hold of their lives responsibly to take it to the next level.
You must realise that your parents or guardians can give you so much, but not everything.
The same goes for the government.
They can give so much, but not everything.
Years ago, I had a student and he said he would like to become an astronaut.
That wish may be far-fetched, but if he was serious and really wanted to become an astronaut, he can become one.
His possible plans would be to score the best grades in science (physics), mathematics and English and learn to fly a plane.
Afterwards he has to go to a country where there are institutes that send people into space and work there patiently.
When the time is right, they may consider him as a candidate.
It is a case of “if it is to be, it is up to him”.
Whether you achieve your goals this year or not will also depend on your effort and will to make things happen.
I hope you do achieve all your goals this year. Cheers. 

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