Sunday, January 13, 2013


THE MIND OF A GOOD TEACHER/PARENT … I think the minds of a good teacher and parent/guardian are alike. That is, they know that their success in life does not end with them but must continue on with the small ones in their care. They do not succeed if they do not continue the influence that brought them success. The success/progress of those young ones in years to come – and which may have been strongly influenced by others – can be attributed to those who took the time and care in teaching the young. In fact, the good teacher’s influence does not stop when he or she passes on to the next life … it continues on as long as one has remembered something good that the teacher/parent/guardian has handed to him or her. In other words, the good teacher/parent/guardian never dies – they outlive time and even space (as when their students/children go out of the space of their influence).  

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