Thursday, January 3, 2013


LEARN AND LIVE ITEM FOR JANUARY 2, 2013. A NEW YEAR - TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF ... A NEW house, a new school, a new pair of shoes or new friends often bring you good feelings of better times ahead. A new year also should bring hope for better times.
Of course, for most of us who do not live off the land, the sun will still rise in west and set in the west everyday and we will be paid on the fortnight. But then, it is a new year and we all should be excited.
Just thinking about that could get you to think and perform differently from this day onwards.
Let the mistakes, hurts and pains of 2012 be set aside. It is time to start afresh.
To think differently means raising your grades in all the subjects that you are studying. For workers, it also means mastering the skills in your trade and getting to the next level where you do not have to be pointed out your mistakes time and again. It also means getting to school (or workplace) before time and getting your mind into gear before work starts.
As usual, at the start of the year, we make goals. Here are some I shared with others on the social network.
For the student:
- Get the top grade in all/most of my subjects;
- Pull up the grades in the subjects I am weak in;
- Play the guitar or flute;
- Write poetry or short stories;
- Learn to polish up skills in soccer, rugby, volleyball, cricket;
- Learn to socialise properly and stop cursing;
- Stay away from bad company and activities;
- Obey my teachers and parents more;
- Learn to be nice (without lowering my standards); and
- Learn to say “No”. 
For the worker:
- Lose some kilos by controlling what I eat and exercise regularly;  
- Be promoted in the job/get a pay increase;
- Learn to play the guitar or flute;
- Write my book titled “My First Twenty Years”;
- Read through the whole of the New Testament of the Bible;
- Learn a language (French, Spanish, Kuanua or Motu);
- Master the skills in my job;
- Save up to buy a car or build a house in the village;
- Find the right life partner (if you are single);
- Learn to be nice and respect others (without lowering your standards);
- Take rebukes from others in the right manner; and 
- Learn to say “No”.
You can do up a list like that and add more. 

Next week: If is to be, it is up to me

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