Tuesday, January 15, 2013


THE LETTERS, NUMBERS, PICTURES OR SOUNDS …. WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT AND YOUR FUTURE CAREER … I was thinking recently about different people – especially young people. If they are good with letters/words, they can become journalists and writers – which include poets, playwrights or screenwriters. If they are good with numbers, they can become engineers, pilots, navigators, computer scientists, physicists, physical chemists and mathematicians. If they are good with pictures and drawings, they can consider becoming painters, photographers and graphic artists. And for those who have that thing about musical notes, they can become recording artists, performers or sound engineers. But then, all of us are good (in a sense) with not one but a few of those skills mentioned. You may loved two or more of those equally well. My advice: Develop all aspects of your life and make your life more rounded. Of course, one of the skills may pay for your bread and butter later on, but then you just do not know how another that you worked on can help you in some way a bit further down the road. (The picture shows a wooden recorder/flute I bought in 1998. It has been a companion for a good number of years.)

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