Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Photo: Tools of a journalist/reporter - pen, pencil, notebook and phone. 

WRITING OR TAKING PHOTOS AND CREATING A WEB BLOG ... In Journalism, the writer is paid more than the photographer. Which types of books are sold in the millions - those by writers or photographers? I think you know that answer. We know of "To Kill a Mockingbird", "The Great Gatsby", "Oliver Twist", "The Holy Bible", etc. Can you name a famous photographer and his book? No, I do not think so. What is the point here: "Work on improving your writing skills." Good writing skills are important for journalists, authors, lawyers (as when writing affidavits for clients), teachers (when writing tests), etc.
Good writing skills can have you winning a job/scholarship too, as when you write an application letter with good descriptions about yourself and your thoughts. (With blogging, two skills make your blog attractive – writing and taking of good photos. If you are a blogger, over time of frequent blogging, both skills should improve.)
Oh, good blogging can also win you another job – as when you list down on your CV the name of your blog so your possible employer can visit and see more about your thoughts and skills. I listed the names of blogs I was working on on my CV, which was sent to my present employer when I applied for a job.     

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