Thursday, January 24, 2013


Photo: Wewak town in the north has surf and nice beaches.

THE SURF AND LIFE … If you grow up where there is surf, you will know that at certain times in the year, the curls may be gigantic and may slam down hard on the shore sending water sprays and sand into the air. 
Of course, the sounds will also be threatening. At those times, small boys are urged by the big boys to stay close to shore and not get into the waves. 
But then there are small boys who spend all their school lunch times in the sea and know the ways of the curls. 
They know that the effects of the menace in the wave can be effectively avoided if you go under the wave, almost hugging the sea bed as the waves curl over you. If you fail to do that you will definitely be thumped by the waves. 
In life, it is often like that … do not run from the challenges in front of you. 
Move to them, face the menace and come out the other side a man/woman. 
When you do that you will notice that those who never went through the wave will be on the beach cheering you on. You are a hero!

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