Monday, January 28, 2013


It often makes a big difference if you know who “you” are – or are reminded of who you are. We often forget about our training, heritage, skills and achievements when we are in certain situations in life. 

The concept of “elite” in yesterday’s posts reminded me of the movie “Black Hawk Down” were Staff Sgt Matt Eversmann (played by Josh Hartnett), the leader of Chalk 4 of the US Army Rangers, in leading his men (accompanying Delta Force units and support troops) in the mission to capture advisors of the war lord that ruled Mogadishu, Somalia. (The movie is based on real events which happened in 1993 where 19 American soldiers were killed.) 

When Sgt Eversmann spoke to his men he reminded them with “you’re elite”. 

Just that phrase meant a lot to the young men, a few of them barely out of their teens; it reminded them that they have the training and skills to perform what is expected of them despite all the uncertainty that were in front of them. 

PLS friend, know who you. There will also come a time when you will offer such a phrase to another who may doubt his or her ability to accomplish a daunting task – that is when you are in charge of a group, in school, in the workplace or even on the sports field. 

In a position of being a leader, you must learn how to assure others of their abilities, skills and past acheivements. More about Black Hawk Down (film).

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