Tuesday, January 1, 2013


MY “STUDENT” PRACTISES HER FRENCH … My step-mother returned from Brisbane on Sunday. (She is one of my informal French students. And she happens to be my professor in Pure Motu.) She saw the name “Veronique” on the tag of an air hostess and asked the lass for the pronunciation. The steward said it was sounded the same as “Veronik” or “Veronic” – the “ue” are not sounded. (Typical French name/word, as are “Dominique”, “Pacifique”, “Musique”, etc.) The lass told my 50-plus mum that the name is French, but she does not know French. As the mother was getting off the plane, she said “Merci beaucoup” to the lass. The lass was a bit confused and my mother said very confidently: “I just said ‘thank you very much’ in French.” The young lady was impressed and told the mother: “Thanks, I will have to learn the language.” Good one Mum. Keep it going.   

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